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Importing food from the US requires exhaustive customs processing and handling. We have been successfully importing Legacy Premium Food for about 2 years and can distribute it within the EU. Legacy complies with US, EU and global food standards.


Shelf life is a key concern to anyone purchasing long-term food storage and can be one of the most important factors you look at when making the decision of who to buy from. With all of the food storage companies out there claiming that their food lasts up to 25+ years, how can you know that your food is safe and will be edible down the road?

In order to know that your food will stand the test of time, there are several factors that should be looked at. First, the quality of ingredients used, second, the residual oxygen levels in the packaging, and third, packaging techniques and materials. These three key factors make all the difference in how long the shelf life of your food will actually be.

Legacy Premium has been independently tested and it has been determined that Legacy uses only the best ingredients our food. Every single item has been verified and certified as Non-GMO. By spending the extra money to purchase the highest quality ingredients on the market, Legacy Premium foods will last longer and provide better nutrients than the competition. Also pay attention to other ingredients, such as canola and other oils in food storage. Canola oil has a maximum shelf life of 2 years before it spoils, thus ensuring that if your emergency food contains it, there is no way that it will last 25 years.

Residual oxygen left inside a container of food storage is a major reason that food spoils. Oxygen allows bacteria to foster, which in turns decays and spoils your food. The bare minimum standard in long term food storage is oxygen levels below 2%. Legacy Premium has been independently tested and scored an average of 0.11%, which far exceeds the standard set. Every single pouch of Legacy is nitrogen flushed to push out excess oxygen, an oxygen absorber is then put inside the pouch, and a compression sealer triple seals the Mylar pouch to ensure that it will stay sealed. This process is done by complex machinery and the amazingly low average oxygen levels in our pouches display the impressive results. Make sure that oxygen levels are where they should be before you go out and purchase food that claims to have up to a 25 year shelf life.

Last, but certainly not least, is quality of materials used to package and store your food. Legacy Premium uses high quality, superior Mylar pouches to store each meal. Mylar has shown the ability to keep oxygen and moisture out of food long term and helps us to keep the end cost to the consumer down. Pouches are then stored in heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic buckets to protect them from rodents, sun, floods, and anything else that could damage your food supply. The plastic buckets are re-sealable and easy to stack for safe, simple storage. In case of extreme flooding, we have heard that these buckets also make for great floatation devices.Investing in an up to 25 year shelf life food for emergencies is a wonderful way to protect your family and loved ones, just make sure that the food you store will be there if you ever to use it. Legacy Premium is the leader in long-term shelf life and our ingredients, oxygen levels, and packaging are the best in the industry!

Gluten Free and still delicious

Legacy Premium Gluten Free MealsIn the last several years, millions of people have been diagnosed with celiac disease and diets free from glutens have shown positive signs of being highly beneficial to those who suffer from autism, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and other auto-immune diseases. With increased demand for those needing food free from gluten proteins, Legacy Premium created a delicious, completely gluten free menu. Legacy Premium’s gluten free lineup provides 9 different entrees and 1 breakfast so that you can protect your family members that have special dietary needs. Legacy Premium is extremely cautious when producing our gluten free menu items, as avoiding cross-contamination is extremely critical to ensuring the food made is gluten free. Our facility management team takes extra caution before any food is made on our equipment, including removing of air borne particles in the production environment and complete sterilization of all equipment. We are currently working towards a GFCO certification and finalizing all of the requirements so that we can put their seal of approval on all of our gluten free items.
If gluten allergies restrict your diet or that of a family member’s, try Legacy Premium’s gourmet line of gluten free emergency food storage. With up to a 25 year shelf life, 100% Non-GMO, and delicious variety, the gluten free Legacy food storage line is an amazing solution for emergency preparedness.

Easy Meal Preparation: Just add (hot) water

Easy to Prepare MealsMaking meals during an emergency situation needs to be simple and quick, which is how the Legacy Premium meals were developed. Each pouch of food has a simple set of directions to ensure the meals you make are delicious and easy to create. Although the amount of time and water needed to cook the food may be different for each meal, all you need to do is bring water to boil and add the contents of the pouch to the pot. After stirring for the recommended time, let the food cool and thicken, and then grab a fork and enjoy.

While many people buy Legacy Premium meals for emergency food storage purposes, others have found that the simplicity to make and gourmet tastes of the meals make great dinners for hiking, backpacking, camping, and even everyday use. However you choose to use it, know that making delicious food is as simple as adding boiling water and stirring!